seamlessly connects your SaaS to hundreds online services
Integromat BlackBox - backend solution for seamless connection of your SaaS to hundreds online services
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How it works
Your SaaS sends data to Integromat
Integromat receives the data
Individual scenarios process the data
Integromat sends data to online services
How setup with different services looks for you?
What makes Integromat BlackBox solution unique
Dedicated instance of most powerful integration service works for you 24/7/365 as hundred developers just out from box.
Constant update and support of hundreds APIs
We constantly upgrade existing modules and connect new services. So you don't need to keep in-house developers to constantly support different APIs
Dedicated support specialist
You receive dedicated 24/7 online support
ALL-IN-ONE Solution
Integromat flow contains all required modules and functions to build any logic and data structures
Individual Pricing
With flexible pricing you can build your own package witch fits your budget
The Integromat BlackBox is easy and has everything you need for smooth and connection your SaaS to outside world
Own Cloud instance AWS, GCP, Azure
The app comes free with plenty of free film profiles included
Easy to deploy and setup
It requires just an absolute minimum of taps to process and share your photos
Easily manageable and replicated
Real-film filters are grouped in categories by film types for your convenience
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